About Dorothy

Saphir Drachen, whose real first name is Dorothy, lives in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida with her amazing boyfriend and their four adorable black cats, Bandit, Sebastian, Batty, and Samus.

Dorothy’s main interests include writing and horses, though you will very rarely see her mix the two subjects in any way.  Her other interests, or hobbies if you will, consist of sewing, reading, cross-stitch, embroidery, reading some more, gardening, rollerskating, even more reading, cooking, baking, and have I mentioned reading yet?

While Dorothy has lived in many places in her life, (the re-telling of which would fill a book), her adulthood has been spent in Tallahassee and that is where she feels most at home, (though her dream is one day live in Orlando, FL).

Dorothy has been writing since she was 10 years old, when she realized that the stuff she dreamed up in her mind could be put into words and placed on paper, (and it was a better outlet than trying to fight with her siblings).  While some of the early works were rough and not fit for human consumption, she has continued to to write and improve, and is even now working on her first novel to try and ready it for the publishing market.

While her main writing interest is in fantasy novels, Dorothy also spends some time writing poetry, haiku, and short stories.  She has had one short story published in a local college’s literary magazine as well, in 2012.  

So that’s Saphir Drachen, aka Dorothy, in a nutshell.  Or rather her writing self.  Other aspects of herself are other stories entirely.  To be shared later, perhaps.  Or in answer to people’s questions….