Works in Progress

Novels in Progress

Name: Shadow Vendetta – trilogy
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Description: A girl’s family, friends, and neighbors are killed by a dragon and she goes on a lifelong quest to destroy it.
Status: Writing

Name: The Heir of Mistford
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Description: A boy travels to an island to discover that he is the heir of a great ruler, whom he is not related to, and who died centuries ago.
Status: Tabled temporarily

Name: Fragmented Lullaby
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Re-writing

Name: Blood Moon’s Dawn
Genre: Murder Mystery
Description: A bunch of people with strange fingerprints are killed and the local detective is stumped.
Status: In planning

Name: Universal Expiration
Genre: Alternate Earth/Fantasy
Description: A girl sees visions of the disastrous future and tries to convince people to help her save as many people as she can before the world ends.
Status: Tabled indefinitely

Name: Aurora Six (working title)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Alternate Earth
Description: Still in development
Status: Working in collaboration with Wildwind

Name: Untitled
Genre: Fantasy
Description: In development
Status: Working in collaboration with my brother, but tabled for the moment.