The battle was over. She climbed the dais and turned, sitting down heavily as the silence after the fight settled around them all. The now over-thrown king cowered at the foot of the throne.

“You got too greedy,” she said. She flicked the end of her sword to throw droplets of blood at the disgraced king. “A king is supposed to serve his people. Protect them from harm. All you wanted was their money.”

“I need to collect taxes! I can’t run a kingdom without paying the soldiers. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

She stood, energy crackling along the edges of her blade. “Taxes are one thing, your greatness. Starving your people under the guise of ‘protecting them’ is quite another. You aren’t at war with other countries, so why tax your people into famine? What other reason could you have than your own personal greed?”

“Who are you to judge me?” he growled. Fear was giving way to desperation. “You come here, unwanted, and throw my land into chaos. Why? Because you think you are better than me?”

Her eyes flashed orange and her blade erupted into blue flame. She dropped it point first and it sank into the stone halfway to it’s hilt. She held her hand over it, palm down. “Et immobiles. Malus navis.”

She walked down the dais, past the broken king. “You are king no longer. That sword will remain as a reminder to all, of what happens when a king gets greedy.”

Castle workers, tired of their lives beneath the greedy king, filed into the throne room as she left. The rest was in their hands. Her part was finished.